Secure File Transfer

For improved security, the Secure File Transfer tool offers an easy and secure way to send large files and works as an extension to UNLV's email service.

Log In to Secure File Transfer

When to use Secure File Transfer

  • When you want to send large files (totaling up to 2 GBs)
  • When you want to send files securely
  • When you want to send and get a download confirmation

Getting Started

UNLV Customers with Active ACE Account

Visit the Secure File Transfer page. Click the ACE login link and use your ACE credentials to log in. UNLV email users do not need to register to create an account because it will automatically check to see if you have a valid address.

External Customers

Select Register on the Secure File Transfer page and follow the on-screen instructions to complete registration. Once registered, external customers can log in with their newly created account and share files with a UNLV email user.

Once signed in, you will be automatically routed to send a message.

  1. Enter the email address to send the message to.
  2. Enter a subject and a message. Below your message, choose the following options:
    • Send a copy to myself will send a copy of the message and link to SFT to yourself.
    • Private Message will hide the message entered above. If this option is not checked, the recipient will see this message in their email before authenticating.
  3. Add files to your message.
  4. Select Send.

You can track the status of your message by going to Secure Messages > Sent from the top menu.

UNLV Customers can send a File Request link to initiate a Secure File Transfer.

  1. Sign in to Secure File Transfer, then select File Requests from the menu bar
  2. Select New File Request
  3. Enter a recipient, subject, and message
  4. Select Request File

Your recipient will receive an email with instructions to sign in and upload their files.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can transfer files up to 2 GB in size.

Yes, it is secure. The Secure File Transfer tool encrypts sensitive data in transit, and provides cryptographically strong random access keys for accessing transmitted data.

The Secure File Transfer tool works as an extension of UNLV’s email service, and allows our users to send files securely to anyone, anywhere. Guest users of the application, however, may only send files to UNLV users.

You can reset your own ACE account, or call the IT Help Desk and our staff can reset the password for you.

Guest users can reset the password for the Secure File Transfer tool by clicking the Password Reset button on the Secure File Transfer page.

You can send most file types, except for those with the following extensions: .exe,.vbs,.pif,.scr,.bat,.cmd,.com,.cpl

SFT is not currently approved for sending Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and PCI data.