eduroam is the campus wireless (Wi-Fi) network for UNLV students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Designed for the international research and education community, the easy-to-use roaming service allows users to seamlessly access secure Wi-Fi services at a number of participating United States and international institutions.


  • Users only have to remember one username and password. For UNLV members, this is your ACE login.
  • Once a device is set up, it automatically connects when there is an eduroam service within range.
  • eduroam provides high-level security for Wi-Fi services at participating universities across the world.
Learn More About eduroam

Getting Started with eduroam

The easiest way to set up eduroam is to select the UNLV-WiFi network on your device, which directs you to the university’s Wi-Fi configuration page. There you will find step-by-step instructions on how to configure your laptop, phone, tablet, or other devices for the service. You can also watch a video with configuration directions for your device's operating system. It is recommended that you set up your device while on campus, using your active ACE login.

Traveling UNLV Students, Faculty, Researchers, and Staff

If your device was configured before leaving UNLV, it should automatically connect to the secure eduroam network when visiting a participating universities. Contact UNLV’s IT Help Desk if you experience connectivity problems.

UNLV Visitors

It is recommended that visiting students, faculty, researchers, and staff configure their device at their home institution before traveling to UNLV. Once on campus, their device should connect to eduroam with access to the internet. Users need to contact their home institution for eduroam support.

Other Guest Network Solutions

UNLV visitors who do not have eduroam should use the UNLV-Sponsored network. Guests must request an account in order to receive internet access on campus. Find out more about the UNLV-Sponsored network.