Computing Account

A Computing Account allows currently enrolled students access to over 45 computer labs across the UNLV campus. In addition to computer access, you will have access to the Internet, a Home Directory to store your files, the ability to publish a web page, and home directory access from off campus via Rebelfiles.


You must be a currently enrolled student at UNLV.

Account Activation

Visit the ACE Account Self Service Center to activate your account.


  • When your account is created, you are given a $1 credit towards printing. Black and white prints cost 3 cents each. Color prints cost 40 cents each.
  • When that initial $1 credit is extinguished, you will need to add funds to your RebelCash account, and all printing in the labs will then be charged to that account.
  • After sending your print job to the printer, you need to login to the print system to approve and release your print job.