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Survey Accessibility

Creating accessible surveys is important to remove barriers for everyone answering survey questions. Survey builders can follow these tips to help them design an accessible Qualtrics survey.

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Accessible Question Types

Multiple Choice

Descriptive Text

Text Entry

Side by Side

Drill Down

Rank Order*

Meta Info

File Upload

*Only text box and radio buttons

Qualtrics Survey Builder Accessibility

The survey builder in Qualtrics does not accommodate screen readers and may be limited for keyboard only users or those who require magnification. You might be able to use Google Forms or Microsoft Office Form instead. Contact the IT Help Desk for additional options.

Additional Accessibility Tips

Use Survey Options to change the survey title, also known as display name, and provide a brief description of the survey. The name appears in the browser tab, which helps screen reader users understand the purpose of the tab.

Rename Survey

Since HTML can cause issues with screen readers, remove formatting when copying and pasting text into the survey.

Strip Formatting

When using the graphic question type or other graphic elements, provide alternative text (alt text) for the image so screen readers can read alt text out loud.

Add Alt Text

Since the progress bar is not accessible, number each question (i.e., Question 1 of 5, etc.) to show progress in the survey. Also, use text to indicate that a question is required if it is a forced response.

Number Questions

Adjust the default settings so that the arrows indicating forward and back are replaced with the words “back” and “next” or “submit.”

Rename Buttons

Qualtrics has a tool that survey creators can use to check for accessibility issues automatically. This scanner will flag inaccessible question types used in the survey.

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