Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using my Rebelmail account?

Accessing Rebelmail is as simple as navigating to and signing in with your ACE username and password. Once you have signed in, click on the Rebelmail app that you want to access.

If you have not setup your ACE account, go to the ACE Account setup page to begin the process. During the setup process, you will be able to set your ACE password and be provided with your Rebelmail address.

If you have already set up your ACE account but have forgotten your ACE ID and/or password, you can try to recover it via the ACE self service center at the ACE self service site. You can also contact the IT Help Desk at 702-895-0777.

Who is eligible for a Rebelmail account?

  • Admitted students: Defined as students who are currently admitted to UNLV.
  • Currently enrolled students: Defined as students who are enrolled in at least one course at UNLV.
  • Recently active students: Defined as students who have completed at least one course at UNLV within the previous six academic semesters (spring, summer, and fall).
  • Emeriti: Defined as faculty members who are designated as emeritus faculty or staff by the NSHE Board of Regents.

What do I get with my Google Workspace account?

You get a Gmail account and the core Google Workspace services such as Meet, Drive, Groups, Sites, and Calendar.

What is my e-mail address?

Your Rebelmail e-mail address is in the format of (ACE username)

What if I don’t activate my Rebelmail account?

You will not receive official communications from UNLV. This includes notices about overdue library books, billing notices, deadlines for registration, and more.

What if I already have an e-mail account that I like?

Activate your Rebelmail account and set it to forward to your preferred e-mail account.

How do I set up Rebelmail on my mobile device?

Setting up Google Workspace on your Android or iOS mobile device is easy and makes your information available wherever and whenever you need it.

How can I change my Rebelmail e-mail address?

Your E-mail address can only be changed when you have met one of the following criteria:

  • You legally changed your name
  • You have received harassing or stalking e-mail, unresolved through other means
  • Your e-mail address is considered offensive

To request for a change of your e-mail address, please complete the Technology Accounts Username Change Request form. You will be contacted as soon as your request is processed.

What Google services does OIT support?

OIT only provides support for the core Google Workspace services such as Gmail, Meet, Drive, Calendar, Sites, and Groups.

Do I get to keep my Rebelmail account forever?

No, your Rebelmail account will remain active for six academic semesters (Spring, Summer, and Fall) after your last completed courses.

What if I become ineligible for a Rebelmail account and/or need to move my data out of my account?

Instructions for moving data out of your account can be found here.