Pirates, Parades, and Plundered Passwords: OIT Celebrates a Haunted Rebel Homecoming

  OIT News  |     |  By Julie Acheson
Person in red shirt with black pirate hand standing in front of red flag with white "UNLV" letters.

During Homecoming Week, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) participated in the week-long festivities of UNLV’s annual Homecoming celebration, such as the office decorating contest and the Scarlet & Gray Homecoming Parade. This week was filled with spirit and creativity as various members of the department got together and planned ways to represent this year’s “Haunted Homecoming” theme.

Along with decorating the office spaces around campus, OIT partnered up with the Office of Online Education and said, “Avast, me hearties!” and set sail on the evening of October 18 in customized pirate-themed golf carts during the parade.

The two carts, named The Phishin’ Impossible and Ship.exe, won best decorated golf cart of the night. As they made their way down the Academic Mall during the Rebel Homecoming Festival, volunteers passed out reminders about avoiding password phishing tricks and tasty treats to festival attendees.

Participation in Rebel Homecoming is thanks to the many volunteers who helped from brainstorming, building, and overall support. A list of those who contributed are included.

Office of Information Technology

  • Julie Acheson
  • Frank Alaimo
  • Yvette Aqui
  • Karen Asquith
  • Andy Borts
  • John Contreras
  • Corey Gerwaski
  • Tiffany Hilk
  • Jacob House
  • Hector Ibarra
  • Alethea Inns
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Kivanc Oner
  • Casey Overton
  • Rakitha Perera
  • Bob Soulliere
  • Michael Theil

Office of Online Education

  • Suzanne Baker
  • Beth Barrie
  • Mike Barrie
  • Lindsay Erdam
  • Amber Ford
  • Ted Weisman

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