UNLV IT’s Classroom Technology Services Team Showcase Features Inside the Advanced Engineering Building

  OIT News  |     |  By Isabella Pupo
Person talking into microphone with person at computer behind them

Manager of Classroom Technology Services Frank Alaimo and Senior AV/IT Control Systems Specialist Michael Theil from UNLV Information Technology (IT) teamed up to give a sold-out tour of the university’s new Advanced Engineering Building (AEB) on June 11 as part of InfoComm, the largest audio visual trade show in North America.

During this year’s tour, Alaimo and Theil were able to demonstrate the classroom technology their team has implemented within AEB and how it stands out as a groundbreaking building on campus.

Alaimo showed guests the 4K LED screens featured both inside and outside the building. These screens are made of up individual panels which seamlessly connect to one another, as demonstrated by Alaimo during the tour. With this, Alaimo also discussed the use of RebelFlex classrooms within AEB and answered questions from attendees about lecture capture technology, display information, and more.

As guests made their way to the building’s Flexatorium, Theil discussed the many purposes the room can serve and how the technology within the space supports its variety of uses. As Theil talked through the unique features of the Flexatorium, he also demonstrated its powerful camera and audio capabilities. Before the audience got the opportunity to explore other spaces in the building, Theil answered questions on the space’s audio visual technology and touch panel controls.

With most of the attendees being from higher education institutions all over the country, many were interested in the cutting edge technology being used at UNLV and how they can implement it into their own educational spaces.

This marks the fifth year that the classroom technology services team have given a tour of campus for this annual event. Previous tours included spaces such as the Dolby Atmos Theater, Hospitality Hall, Lied Library, Boyd Law School, and other RebelFlex spaces on campus.