RAVE newsletters are sent to students' Rebelmail accounts, which are assigned to students upon admittance to UNLV. UNLV uses Rebelmail as an official means of electronic communication with students.

The guidelines provided below are meant to protect Rebelmail so that it remains an effective and professional communication mechanism. UNLV does not want to flood student inboxes with unwanted mail.

The following regulations apply when using RAVE to communicate with students:

  1. Messages must be strictly related to university matters, concerns, operations, events or other items of interest pertaining to university related activities, students, faculty and staff. Specifically, no commercial business or politically motivated information may be sent to students.
  2. Content must be consistent with existing university policies governing conduct of members of university community (e.g., political and religious policy, sexual harassment).
  3. Content may not be purely personal in nature such as classified advertisements or other similar solicitations.
  4. Ongoing information on regularly recurring campus events may not be posted more than once per semester.
  5. Surveys & Research. All research involving human subjects must be reviewed by UNLV's Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the Office of Research Integrity — Human Subjects. If you are submitting a RAVE message that solicits students to take part in research as human subject participants, you must have the content of the message approved by the IRB beforehand. Please ensure that you have received this approval before before submitting the message through the RAVE systems. For more information, contact the Office of Research Integrity — Human Subjects at 702-895-2794 or at
  6. Most news should be submitted by Wednesdays for Saturday delivery. Very few messages are approved for "Today." Only those messages that are critical for university business that day or that are required by a Vice President or President of UNLV.