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Webex Video Conferencing

Instructors and staff can host web conferences, online lectures, and virtual office hours in real time using Webex by Cisco.

Faculty and Staff Webex Login

Webex for Faculty

Instructors should use WebCampus to schedule and host Webex sessions for their classes. Graduate assistants and instructors can manage preferences, recordings, and other options using their Webex account. Staff can use their Google Calendar or their Webex account to schedule and host meetings.

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Ways to Use Webex

Host webinars, meet online, or teach or train virtually through one of these modules. Capacity for each is limited to 1,000 participants.

Webex Meetings

Interactive sessions
(collaboration and discussion)

Synchronous class w/breakout sessions
Virtual Office Hours
Team meetings

Webex Webinars

Large events
(moderated and controlled settings)

Panel discussions
Department meetings

Webex for Students

Students can join a Webex session or schedule a virtual appointment with an instructor using WebCampus or the link in an email invitation. However, students do not have Webex host accounts and join meetings by Joining as a Guest. As a result, students also cannot host meetings.

For more information on using Webex as a student, check out our Webex Attendee Guide for Students or Guests.

Access, Join, and View a Webex Session

Reserving a Virtual Office Hour Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my Webex host account?

Users must have an active employment status in Workday and a UNLV Mail address (@unlv.edu) to be eligible for a Webex host account. As a result, students (@unlv.nevada.edu) and users not employed by UNLV are not provisioned with Webex accounts, and will Join as a Guest when joining Webex meetings. If you need assistance, please submit a ticket or contact the IT Help Desk using the Support Portal.

How do I schedule and host a Webex meeting?

The setup guide goes over the basics of scheduling and hosting events, setting preferences, and accessing downloads from your Webex account. You can learn how to schedule meetings in WebCampus (instructors) or in your Google Calendar (staff) as well.

You can also explore our Webex Knowledge Base for all the latest information and up-to-date guides on Webex features to make the most of your experience

How do you record a Webex session?

Click the record button on your meeting window. You can choose to record in the cloud (always recommended) or record to your computer. View the recording and storing guide to decide which option is best for you.

I am a student and do not know how to access Webex for class.

Depending how your instructor set up the meeting, you can join from an email invitation that your instructor sent, or through the WebCampus integration. For joining sessions via WebCampus, check out “Joining a Webex Meeting as a Student” or review the attendee guide to learn how to access a Webex session.

I am using Firefox, and when I attempt to join a Webex meeting from WebCampus, I receive an “unauthorized access” error.

This is due to security and tracking protection settings in Firefox, which you will have to turn off when accessing the site from which you join a Webex meeting. For information on how to do this, refer to our “Unauthorized Access Error When Joining Webex Meetings” article.

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