IT Service Catalog

Learn more about the technology services that are offered at UNLV

  • Accounts & Passwords

    Access many of the university computer and network services.

  • Administration & Business

    Learn about the services that support day-to-day administrative and business operations.

  • Communication & Collaboration

    Explore email, web conferencing, and other resources for communication.

  • Computing

    Find information about UNLV computers, software, and printing.

  • Infrastructure

    Learn about network and Wi-Fi services, data storage, cloud services, and server resources.

  • Research

    Discover the services that support the institution's research activities.

  • Security

    Check out the resources available to keep UNLV data and information systems secure.

  • Support & Help

    Contact one of the technology support teams for assistance, consultation, or training.

  • Teaching & Learning

    Enhance the earning experience with instructional technology, tools, and resources.

An O-I-T staff member helps a faculty member at orientation.

IT Services A-Z

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