Make the Switch: Use Okta Verify When Logging In

  OIT News  |     |  By Isabella Pupo
Person holding mobile device in one hand, typing on a laptop computer with other hand

If you’re tired of waiting to receive a text message for multifactor authentication every time you log into your ACE account, we have the solution for you.

It’s time to use an easier, faster, and more secure form of multifactor authentication (MFA), such as Okta Verify. The Okta Verify app lets you verify your identity with just the push of a button. 
To ensure better security across the university, UNLV will be moving away from SMS text messaging for MFA, meaning it will no longer be an option in the upcoming months. Making the switch to Okta Verify is the ideal choice as it proves to be the best MFA option for several reasons.

Which is easier to use?

Winner: Okta Verify

Okta Verify can be set up in just a few minutes by following the easy setup instructions or contacting the IT Help Desk to guide you through the process. Once you’re ready to use Okta Verify, it’ll send you a push notification that allows you to choose whether or not it’s you logging into your account. This makes logging into your ACE account quick and easy.

SMS text messaging requires you to enter a code sent to your device. This can be time consuming and inefficient when you need to access your accounts quickly.

Which one is more reliable?

Winner: Okta Verify

Okta Verify works with or without internet connections, providing a six-digit code you can use for authentication for times when your WiFi or cellular connection may be poor and notifications are delayed. This way, you can always guarantee access to your accounts even when you’re not able to receive notifications.

SMS text messaging is often delayed because it needs a reliable internet connection to work. In times of poor internet connection, you may not be able to receive text messages and will then have no way to access your accounts.

Which one can you use anywhere in the world? 

Winner: Okta Verify

Okta Verify operates over WiFi and cellular networks, as well as offline, allowing you to use it as a way to safely authenticate anywhere in the world even without connection.

SMS text messaging is oftentimes not able to be sent internationally, which can lead you to be locked out of your accounts while traveling.

Which one is more secure?

Winner: Okta Verify

Okta Verify includes many security protocols that protect your account. Since it lives on your device, it’s highly unlikely that your account will be compromised and used without your permission.

SMS text messaging is vulnerable to unauthorized access, leaving your accounts at risk. With text messages, it is easier for others to falsely verify your identity and access your accounts without permission.

If Okta Verify does not seem like the right solution for you, the IT Help Desk can help you choose an alternative option, like a security key. These keys act similarly to a flash drive that can be inserted into your device in order to verify your identity.

By switching to Okta Verify, you can ensure that the way you’re authenticating is secure, reliable, and hassle free. Don’t wait around for another text message and make the switch today.