For 2023, UNLV is piloting a new virtual meeting space that attendees can move within freely. Proximity-based audio enables multiple concurrent conversations and replicates an in-person type of experience. Other features include screensharing, breakout sessions, presentation rooms, and more.

WebCampus Integration

InSpace is integrated with WebCampus, so class spaces can be accessed directly from the course.

Adding InSpace to Your WebCampus Course

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  1. Log in to WebCampus
  2. Select the course to add InSpace to
  3. At the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel in your course, select Settings
  4. Select the Navigation tab
  5. Find InSpace under the list of hidden items
  6. Select the 3 vertical dots > Enable
  7. Move it to the selected location on the menu
  8. Select Save

Learn More About InSpace

For more information, schedule a half hour consultation with a UNLV of Information Technology, E-Learning staff member.