Phishing Alert: Follow Up

Follow Up

Are you available?


I'm in a meeting right now and that's why I'm contacting you through here. I should have call you, but phone is not allowed to be use during the meeting. I don't know when the meeting will be rounding up, And i want you to help me out on something very important right away.

i need you to help me get an iTunes gifts card from the store, i will reimburse you back when i get to the office.

I need to send it to someone and it is very important cause I'm still in a meeting and i need to get it sent Asap.

it one of my best friend son birthday

The amount i want is $100 each in two (3) piece so that will make it a total of $300 l'll be reimbursing back to you. i need physical cards which you are going to get from the store. When you get them, just scratch it and take a picture of them and attach it to the email then send it to me here ok?