Phishing Alert: Gift Card phishing messages targeting students

From (Display name may match one of your professors)
"Important task" or “Do me a favor”

How are you doing? Are you available for a quick task?


I'm in a meeting right now that's why i'm contacting you through here. I should have call you instead of mailing you but phones are not allowed to be use during meeting. I don't know when the meeting will be rounding up and i want you to help me out on something very important right away, can you?

I'm looking forward to surprise some of the staffs with gift cards today,I need 10 pieces of Amazon gift card $100 face value each. I need you to get a physical card, then you scratch the card take a picture of the cards pin, attach and email it to me. I will get the physical cards from you after the meeting but I need the pictures first. How soon can you get this done?