Navigating Spring Break: A Digital Roadmap for Better Travels

  OIT News  |     |  By Isabella Pupo
Man on hike looking at phone.

As midterms fizzle out and the most anticipated week of the spring semester arrives, many of us set our sights on where to go for spring break. Luckily, UNLV Information Technology (IT) has a spring break trip all planned out for you.

By following this IT inspired travel guide, you can be sure that any other spring break trips you might have on your calendar go as planned.

Surf the WiFi Waves 
Whether you’re a pro surfer or have never caught a wave before, WiFi waves are easy to surf with the help of eduroam.

UNLV’s official wireless (WiFi) network, eduroam, allows all university participants to access secure internet through their ACE account. With devices updated to their latest software and certificates up-to-date, you can connect to eduroam on phones, laptops, and tablets. Although eduroam helps you connect to the internet on campus, it can also help you in certain locations around the world.

Whether you plan to visit a participating eduroam institution or happen to stop by one while traveling, your mobile device should automatically connect to the eduroam network if it was set up before leaving campus.

Don’t get wiped out during your surfing trip and install eduroam on your devices for a smooth and easy ride.

Sign up for ACE’s Amusement Park 
In the excitement of planning your upcoming trip, you might forget about a few assignments or work that needed to be done on campus the week before. Fortunately, by using your ACE login as your admission, you can access all the services you need at ACE’s Amusement Park.

By having your ACE login, you are able to access certain services and applications that you might need in order to complete your work either on campus or hundreds of miles away. Whether you need to turn in a paper or respond to some emails, certain services such as your UNLVMail or RebelMail email and WebCampus are available to use wherever you might be. Additionally, if you need access to any Google Drive files, such as your Google Docs or Google Slides, you can enable your files to be accessible offline for times where you're on the move and not connected to a steady internet connection.

These services and applications can be taken anywhere by downloading the mobile versions of them on your mobile device. In addition to the apps mentioned previously, downloading certain apps such as Rebelsafe, keeps you updated on any campus notifications for when it’s time to head back to school after your trip.

Make sure you have your ACE login ready and take advantage of all the rides ACE’s Amusement Park has to offer to catch up on any missing work throughout your spring break trip.

Stay at the Okta Verify Villa 
After a long day at ACE’s Amusement Park, there’s no need to stress over picking a place to stay. With the Okta Verify Villa right across the street, you can use Okta Verify to make sure you have a reliable place to go after using your ACE login.

Okta Verify is a mobile device app that lets you complete your multifactor authentication (MFA) when logging into your ACE account. With Okta Verify, you can choose to get a push notification for simple and quick authentication rather than a code sent to your device. Okta Verify also works if you don’t have an internet connection, with the option to enter a code generated on the app itself.

Book your stay at the Okta Verify Villa now and get the Okta Verify app for an easy and safe way to log into your ACE account.

Secure a Spot at LastPass Lagoon 
As the weather continues to warm up, it’s always a good idea to set aside some time in your trip to cool down. Although swimming in a large body of water can be frightful for some, LastPass Lagoon offers a safe and protected space for all with its use of LastPass.

LastPass is a password manager that keeps all your passwords in a secure vault, protected under a single master password. This allows you to easily log into any website and gives you one less thing to remember while traveling.

With LastPass, you can also scan and save important documents to your vault such as your passport, tickets, and other things needed while traveling. This allows you to always have access to these documents even if they get forgotten, lost, or stolen.

LastPass Lagoon is an essential stop on this trip so don’t be afraid of diving in and creating a safe and secure LastPass account.

Now that you’ve made your way through the roadmap, it’s time to set out on your own spring break adventures. By following this guide, you’re officially ready to make any spring break trip the most technologically successful trip yet.