Administrative Faculty Discover How Technology Can Make Their Work Experience Better

There’s no denying that technology is an essential part of our workplace. Since we use it daily for our jobs, what if there was a not-so-secret code to using technology to make your office life easier?

Administrative faculty can learn new ways to use technology effectively to save themselves time during the Administrative Faculty Development Day on May 22 in the Student Union Ballroom. Whether you work on campus or remotely, UNLV Information Technology professionals are offering tips to make processes and everyday tasks quicker and smoother using technology.

Navigating Spring Break: A Digital Roadmap for Better Travels

As midterms fizzle out and the most anticipated week of the spring semester arrives, many of us set our sights on where to go for spring break. Luckily, UNLV Information Technology (IT) has a spring break trip all planned out for you.

By following this IT inspired travel guide, you can be sure that any other spring break trips you might have on your calendar go as planned.

Secure the Year: Four Cybersecurity Habits to Practice Regularly

The National Cybersecurity Alliance has announced the week of Jan. 21 as Data Privacy Week, raising awareness for online privacy and encouraging digital users to implement data protection practices.

Although most of us are browsing the internet daily, many don’t take the vital steps to ensure that our online use is safe and secure. To bring in the spring semester and the spirit of creating new habits, UNLV’s chief information security officer, Vito Rocco, is giving advice on practices you can start today to protect yourself online.