Rebels Share How They Keep Track of Their Passwords

  OIT News  |     |  By Isabella Pupo
Four students walking and talking together

Always resetting your password or using the same password over different accounts? Don’t panic if you do. These are some common password mistakes that can easily be fixed with a password manager.

A password manager keeps all your passwords in one place for convenient and safe use. UNLV students, alumni, and employees have access to a password manager, LastPass, for free.

Many across the UNLV community utilize LastPass everyday for keeping track of their passwords. Some of them are sharing what they enjoy about it and why you should be using LastPass as well.

“I would recommend LastPass because remembering strong unique passwords that aren’t being reused can be difficult,” says LaShawn Tith, student and information security analyst intern who uses LastPass for school-related passwords. “I also like that I can use it to log into my accounts on multiple devices.”

With LastPass Premium, students and alumni can save their password in a vault under a single master password. This means you only need to remember one password in order to access them all. To keep up with maintaining strong passwords, LastPass also provides a security score that measures how strong your passwords are and suggestions on how to make them better. If changes are made to any of your passwords, they will automatically sync up across any device so you can easily log in to your accounts from whatever device you may need to use.

As another layer of security, LastPass also offers dark web monitoring, a feature that constantly keeps track of all your email addresses and notifies you if they are at risk of being compromised. This keeps your email addresses safe and protected at all times.

“Before I had set up LastPass, I was always having to reset my passwords,” UNLV’s Social Media Manager for the Division of Integrated Marketing and Branding Katy Griffin said. “It’s really useful for those accounts that you only use a couple of times per year because you don’t have to reset your password every time you need to log in, instead you can just find it quickly in LastPass.”

LastPass Business accounts are available to employees and student workers to keep all their work related passwords safe and organized. Those with business accounts can use their ACE login to access their vault and easily sift through passwords and other important information you have saved previously. With this, you can quickly find any login information you may need and there's no need to constantly reset your passwords which can weaken the security of your accounts.

“I really appreciate the autofill feature that LastPass has,” said Carlos Barreras, graduate student who uses his LastPass account for personal, school, and work-related passwords. “I can also make very complex and unique passwords without having to worry about remembering them all.”

Strong passwords are the key to secure logins but they can often be difficult to create especially if you have many different accounts. Luckily, LastPass offers a password generator that can recommend different secure passwords to use when creating an account. If you’re worried about typing out or remembering these long passwords, LastPass also automatically fills in your login information to make using secure passwords across all your accounts quick and easy.

To access these features and more, set up your LastPass Premium or Business account today and never worry about making a simple password mistake again.