UNLV Analytics

UNLV Analytics is the reporting tool utilized to access the UNLV data warehouse. The university initially utilized Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) as its BI reporting tool, and transition to SAS Visual Analytics and the SAS data suite during the 2020-21 academic year. The tools provide a robust web interface for querying and reporting from data that are made available via data marts, views, and managed data sets.

UNLV Analytics initially provided access to student data (enrollment, admissions, course data, degrees, retention, graduation rates, student financials, etc.) both in terms of census data and operational daily or weekly captures beginning with the fall 2010 semester. The Office of Decision Support continues to work with various campus units to expand UNLV Analytics to include HR, finance, space, and sponsored program data.

UNLV Analytics provides access to both dashboard reports and ad hoc querying. University dashboards provide summaries of key trends, metics, comparisons, and exceptions that are meaningful to academic and business operations. The dashboards have interactive features to allow end users to drill down, filter, and break out key metrics. Beyond those capabilities UNLV analytics allows for trained users to do ad hoc querying of our underlying data warehouse tables.