Student Success Measures

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MSI Equity Dashboard

The purpose of this report is to enable exploration of student success metrics with a focus on equity across the various demographic groups that make up the UNLV student body. Four metrics are explored in this report: cumulative GPA, course completion, retention rate, and six-year graduation rate.

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Student Tracking

This dashboard allows users to create custom pivot tables to explore retention and graduation rates for fall cohorts going back to 1998.

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RPC Benchmarking

The purpose of the dashboard is to deliver relevant data in a way that will allow units to monitor progress on metrics related to the latest RPC initiative. The first three pages show retention information; the following three pages present graduation rates, and the last two pages display a persistence report by college, and retention information for Honors College students.

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Course Grade Summary

Course Grade Summary dashboard is for individuals who need to see teaching and learning outcome from course final grade data. It presents grade distribution for various terms with both counts and percentiles by course section. Data are as of the official final enrollment census date for each Spring and Fall term.

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Course Grade Summary by Modality

The purpose of this dashboard is to summarize the difference in grade distribution between online education (OE) and face-to-face (F2F) courses.