Frequently Asked Questions


Check the inbox of your Rebel Mail account and, if you have one, your UNLV employee account. Check whether others in the class have received the evaluation. Conduct a search of your UNLV email account(s), all course evaluation emails will contain "course evaluation" in the subject line. You can also access your course evaluations through your MyUNLV or WebCampus accounts. Please refer to directions in the Student Information section. If you still cannot gain access to your evaluations, contact Include your name, the department, course(s) number, course(s) section, and instructor name of the missing course(s) evaluation in the email./p>

Once a course evaluation has been submitted, it is no longer accessible by the student. Therefore it is very important that students look over their answers to ensure accuracy before hitting the submit button. If the student realizes that a mistake has occurred and the evaluation window is still open, students may contact the Course Evaluation Team at and request to edit their evaluation. If the evaluation window has closed, no changes are permitted to ensure data integrity.

Contact State the issue and include your name, the name of the department and course, and the course section number. We will get back to you once the problem is resolved.

Opting out allows students the option to exclude themselves from the course evaluation process. If a student decides to opt out of evaluating a class, they will no longer receive email communications or reminders to complete that particular evaluation. Please see the "How do I opt out of a course evaluation?" section on the students' course information page for more information and directions.

fter a course evaluation has been open for two weeks or longer, a student's access to that particular class in WebCampus/Canvas will be blocked until the evaluation is submitted, the student opts out of completing it or the evaluation expires. Please note that course content will be restored immediately after the student completes the corresponding evaluation or it expires. If a student decides to opt out of completing that evaluation, they will be able to access the course content after Canvas and Blue's daily data sync. Content blocking is class specific, so a student will still be able to access other sections of WebCampus not related to the class or classes that have had evaluations open for two weeks.


Students will be notified as soon as their evaluations are open for completion. Typically course evaluations for the Fall and Spring semesters are conducted during the two weeks prior to Finals Week. During summer sessions, evaluations will open during the last few meeting days of the class. Modular, dynamic, or other classes that do not follow the regular academic schedule may have their evaluations scheduled to reflect their meeting dates. You may contact the Course Evaluation Team at to verify the evaluation dates of your classes.

Students will receive no less than three email notifications from The number of reminders will vary according to the length of the evaluation period, but students will always receive at least two reminders after the initial notification during the evaluation period. One reminder will be roughly in the middle of the window and another on the final day the evaluation is open. Reminders are not sent to students who have submitted their course evaluation. Instructors and departments are also encouraged to remind their students during the evaluation period as reminders may be more effective from people familiar to the students.

All reports from evaluations administered with Blue are accessible in both MyUNLV and Blue.

  • For MyUNLV:
    • Log in at
    • From the Faculty Homepage, select Faculty Resources
    • From the lefthand menu, select Course Evaluation
    • Make sure pop-up blockers are disabled
    • Select Faculty Report
    • Access to your reports should appear in a new window
  • For Blue System:
    • Log in at
    • You will log in as a "User" from the drop down menu
    • Your login ID is your NSHE ID number
    • Click on “Forgot your password?” to create a new password if you have forgotten yours or are logging into Blue for the first time.