Increasing Response Rates

  1. Provide time in class, 10 to 15 minutes, for students to access the online course survey with their mobile devices. During this time instructors should not be in the room. Also, make sure your students know that if they don´t complete the evaluation during this time, they can save the evaluation and complete it at a later time.
  2. Demonstrate to the students how to access their course surveys. Also make sure they know to access their Rebel mail in order to receive their course evaluation invitation.
  3. Provide guidance on how to write effective responses to open-ended questions. You may share this short video with your students about providing feedback on their evaluations.
  4. Remind students of the evaluation deadline!
  5. Explain how course evaluation results are used by yourself and your department; if you have used course evaluation data to change your teaching, share that experience.
  6. Add ¨Complete the Course Evaluation¨ to your syllabus as an ungraded problem or assignment.
  7. Research

    Top 20 Strategies to Increase the Online Response Rates of Student Rating Scales